/ Realtime insights and meaningful statistics

Clear and actionable analytics for a smart shop floor management

Get a comprehensive and visualized breakdown of all manual workflows with WORKERBASE activity mining.
Make quick and reliable decisions based on realtime facts.

Make hidden data accessible

WORKERBASE allows efficient data acquisition with wearable devices. Benefit from the easy usability and gain full visibility on the status of your operational processes. Visualized analytics help with a better and quicker understanding. Move away from paper-based "black boxes" to full process transparency based on real-time KPIs.

Integrate with existing systems

Get immediate feedback on production status with up-to-date and accurate data. All collected data is automatically archived in the WORKERBASE workflow platform. The system can be connected to your existing line-of-business application like ERP, QMS, MES or custom databases so that you get a comprehensive overview about all workflow activities.

Get relevant data with activity mining

Data evaluation oftentimes requires you to filter through irrelevant data, which is time consuming and doesn’t guarantee insights.
With WORKERBASE activity mining you obtain the insights you are looking for. Individually created workflows based allow you to gain comprehensive knowledge across multiple workflow steps.

Learn. Improve. Repeat.

With WORKERBASE, you bring traditional plan–do–check–adjust improvement cycles to the next level. Our analytics functions help you to understand the root causes of production inefficiencies immediately. Our app builder allows you to adjust processes in only a few minutes. Contact us now to learn how to get actionable insights for continuous improvement.

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