/ Improve operational flexibility

Connected workplace for the agile factory

Equip manual work stations with mobile devices and improve your operational flexibility.

Connect your workers for efficient assembly processes

Convert static workstations into digital workstations in short time. Employees are supported by a digital system, support tasks (such as andon calls, maintenance, quality) are dynamically assigned to the most suitable employees at the right time. The system thus enables flexible organization of manual work and increases the efficiency of your production processes.

Agile processes for manual assembly

Collect and distribute support calls with real-time alerts, escalation routines and competency-based tasks assignments to improve information flow across different functions.
Use mobile devices to for in-line quality checks and report incidents in real-time.
Provide mobile interfaces for machine setup and machine changeovers. Operators get guidance on which activities to perform next. Turn your standard operating procedures into dynamic work instructions.

Just-in-time material management

Establish clear and direct communication channels for material management, e.g. replenishment.
Automatically send alerts to relevant colleagues in logistics, e.g. warehouse, fork lift
This ultimately leads to shorter waiting times and improved productivity.

Implementation in short time

By selecting from proven app templates, standard applications can be quickly introduced and adapted to individual needs. With the built-in application programming interface, even the most complex processes and system connections can be created in short time. New applications can be created with the click of a few buttons without programming.

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