All workers.
All devices.
All processes.

Create digital processes in a matter of minutes and integrate them with any legacy system like ERP or MES. Use any mobile device like Tablets, Smartphones, Smartwatches or Smartglasses for skill-based work coordination.

Wearables for skill-based work coordination

Create workflow apps in minutes

Create app-based workflows with a standard web browser and automatically deploy the apps on mobile devices. Process status is available in realtime. You gain complete transparency about your process data across the entire value chain. Workflows become adaptable allowing for optimal use of your production capacity.
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Improve work coordination

The WORKERBASE workflow management software dynamically assigns tasks and tracks progress. You can enhance tasks with configurable step-by-step workflow instructions and use powerful task management functions such as automatic assignments, group announcements, task delegation, escalation and more!
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Increase flexibility

WORKERBASE as the common data backbone works with Smartwatches, Tablets, Smartphones or any other device. Your employees can hand over tasks to co-workers from any process - independent of the device. Send requests from Tablets to get alerts on a Smartwatch with hand over to a Smartphones - WORKERBASE drastically increases process flexibility.
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Get actionable insights

All WORKERBASE apps work on a common data backbone. You can analyze the data from all processes and gain insights about all relevant KPIs.

meaningful data

Collect real-time data with wearable and mobile devices. Each barcode scan, each touch interaction on the device is a relevant datapoint.


The WORKERBASE software platform stores all generated data and provides analytics functions for activity mining. From simple overview tables to dynamic dashboards, you can utilize easy-to-understand reports for an enhanced understanding of your operations.

Drive continuous

Use your insights and adapt your workflows. Take the next step and implement continuous improvement based on realtime data.

Small screen but big impact - our Smartwatch for Industry

The WORKERBASE smartwatch was specifically designed for industrial settings. Its ruggedized form factor includes many functions optimized for industrial use like an integrated barcode scanner. Battery capacity for up to 6.600 instructions or 5.000 barcode scans per charge.

How the system works

WORKERBASE uses mobile and wearable devices to make manual work in Industry 4.0 more efficient. We offer workflow apps for factory workers to coordinate work based on skills required. With the Cloud-based Workflow Management Software you can manage all tasks and assign workflows to your workers. The mobile and wearable devices connect to the Workflow Management Software and automatically synchronize all apps and workflow data.


Connect existing systems

The WORKERBASE system runs in the cloud or on premise. Connect your existing IT systems through standard interfaces.


No programming needed

Create Workflow apps without programming with the WORKERBASE AppBuilder.


Work coordination with mobile devices

Workers get tasks assigned based on their skills. They get real-time alerts and can collect data.



Get actionable insights with analytics and reporting functions.

Increase worker productivity by over 20%

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