Agile manufacturing to increase production flexibility

Increase operational flexibility and lower short term costs.
Quickly react to ups and downs to ensure business continuity.
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Secure business continuity in challenging times

Navigate the current crisis and reach a new normal in manufacturing operations. Implement digital manufacturing processes on the shop-floor to ensure employee safety, improve liquidity and lower short-term costs.

Build resilience with agile manufacturing processes

Adjust your operations and increase flexibility. Realize a more competitive cost basis by improved OEE, reduced inventory and connected workplaces.

Empower your workforce

Train and certify your staff on-the-job using mobile devices and wearables. Stay competitive in your market by ensuring you are constantly upskilling your workforce. Manage employee retention by giving people more development opportunities.

Build the smart factory

Transform your shop-floor organization with an skill-based agile setup and benefit from real-time data.

Three steps to create the Agile Factory


Increase OEE by shorter reaction times in case of machine downtimes
Speed up machine change over times
Eliminate waiting times by better workflow coordination


Digital workflows for agile processes in the smart factory
Flexible manufacturing system for high variance production
Activity-driven shopfloor management


Use real-time data to understand process optimization
Reduce the impact of ad-hoc disruptions
Turn disruptions into plannable events
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